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New Tote Skill Games

Posted in Casino Games

Are you getting bored of online interactive gaming websites that all offer the same games or similar versions of games?  Things are different at Tote Skill Games!  You’ll find a huge variety of games to meet every whim, no matter your walk of life.  The games are fun, colourful and most importantly, they can win you a big payday if you play ‘em right!

Tote Sport offers players who love the slots something more unique than traditional online betting websites.  Play Tote Sport’s newest slot, Odd Shaped Balls if you’re looking for a laugh and of course, big money.  Get three “streakers” in this hilarious game and not only will you get fifteen free spins, but a lovely lady streaker will dash across your screen!  Other unique slots Tote Sport boasts are Cleudo, Superstar DJ, Funky Monkey, Fruit Smoothie and more.

Arcade Games
There’s a ton of fun to be had – and a lot of money to win – in Tote Sport’s arcade game corner.  You can race horses in the challenging Tote Park game or dogs in the thrilling Tote Trap Green.  Not a racing buff?  Exhibit your mad skills in Pinball FC or Spin Win and find out if all those video games you have played as a child really pay s off.

Exciting Number Games
One of the most popular sections on the Tote Skill Games website is the numbers lounge – that is, if you’re a math whiz or just good with numbers!  Tote Sport offers plenty of dice games, such as Miami Dice, Rollem, and Paradice as well as classic numbers games such as Spectrum, Squares, Golden Clover and Lucky Star.  If you’re out to win some serious cash though, play Tote Sport’s Crack the Safe – it will keep you on the edge of your seat!  Guess “higher” or “lower” than the number shown on the screen to see if you get the combination right – and can raid the safe!

Awesome Shuffle Games

Not happy with your selected starting numbers? Click ‘shuffle’ and you get a free spin of the reels before you start, giving you a chance for better starting numbers. All three reels spin at the same time and the reels are independent of each other – it is possible for two or more reels to display the same number at the same time.

Win massive prizes if you can outwit the mob in the exciting bonus feature that allows you to win up to 250 times your stake!

Tote Sport also offers fun games such as scratch cards, bingo, keno and more.  If you love to bet, whether it’s your hard earned cash or Tote Sport’s demo cash, you’ll love the variety that Tote Skill Games has to offer its loyal players.  Don’t forget – Tote Sport endorses and supports responsible gaming and gambling, so if you notice things getting out of control, Tote Sport can get you help.  Play wisely and win big with these fantastic games!

We plan to add to these games on a regular basis, so check back here to find out what the latest games are Triple Chance Hi Lo features not one but three reels, numbered 1-13. Simply decide which reel to play before each spin, giving you three chances to win with every spin with tote skill games!